Flat Joscie


What in the world is Flat Joscie? She is a flat paper doll version of me inspired by Flat Stanley and Flat Betty.  I created her to travel along with her journal to visit with hostesses around the world. I ask each hostess have a picture taken with flat Joscie and include that in the travel journal. Hostesses are free to create one or as many pages in the journal as they need to tell their stories. Visits are sometimes scheduled around dates of events like Creating Keepsakes Conventions or Scrap ETC. Sometimes they are scheduled around family vacations, like a trip to Disney World. Sometimes they are just a time to visit and show off your town. So far Flat Joscie has traveled to Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama,Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida, Cape Town, South Africa and Paris, France.  You can read about her adventures here.

6 thoughts on “Flat Joscie

  1. If she ever wants to come to Canada I can show her Tofino, BC :) We live on the island and hubby works in Tofino…the beaches are great! Maybe she could even check out the waves! ;)

  2. An invitation to Texas is still open. Do you think she would like to visit the University of Texas campus when Allison graduates in May? Or the bluebonnets are really pretty in April

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