About Joscelyne Cutchens

Joscie | March 2015
Joscelyne (Joscie, rhymes with bossy) Cutchens has been crafty for most of her life. She has dabbled in creating handmade papers, sewing, screen printing, bookmaking, and beading but her true passion is in photography, computers, and paper crafts. Joscie says that Hybrid crafting is a great way to incorporate all of her passions in one hobby.

In June 2012, Joscie was named the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol 2012 through a vote based card making contest hosted by Paper Crafts Magazine. She is a contributor for the Everyday Storyteller vol. 2 book. She has been published in Creating Keepsakes Magazine, Memory Makers Magazine, Paper Crafts, Card Ideas for Paper Crafters, Simply Handmade, Scrapbook Trends Magazine, Scrapbook Trends: For the Home, and Scrapbook Inspirations (UK), and Scrapbooks, Etc. Online, Joscie has been featured as a guest designer for the Making Memories Blog, and has been highlighted at ClubCreatingKeepsakes, GalleryStandouts.com, and Gallery Pretties at OneStoryDown.com. Her creations have been featured in online magazines Scrapbook Dimensions, Digital Artist Magazine, Scrapstreet.com, and Scrapbook.com.

Joscie creates bossyJoscie flair for use in crafty projects, wearing and use as magnets. Joscie also creates personalized rubber stamps and sentiment stamps for sale in her shop.

Joscie and her husband Troy were married in Honolulu, HI in 1996. They have moved with the Navy through Hawaii, Alabama, Maine and back to currently live with their sons Jalen (14) and Jordan (10) in Slapout, Alabama.