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Hello, Friends! It has been a long time and I just had the urge to write a new blog post, so here I am. I had a friend stop by my profile on facebook a few weeks ago to ask if I had already chosen my OLW for the coming year. To tell the truth, I hadn’t even thought about it but still, I put “choose a new word” on my long list of things to do. Right after wrapping presents, addressing Christmas cards, mailing cards, preparing teacher gifts, baking cookies, etc etc. On Christmas morning we woke up early, opened our presents, got dressed for church, came home, ran a few miles, walked next door for lunch with Granny and Pop… and then in the afternoon, I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided I would not do any work. I got out a notebook and started a list of words I’ve been thinking about. I looked up my old word list and realized this is my 10th year of OLW. I read my list out loud. I discussed with Troy. I decided on a word. Took the list to the bible to look up companion verses. Brought it all to my craft room with my new inks. filled up my heart.

This year I will continue to serve my church as a youth volunteer and on various committees using my artistic gifts for God’s glory. I will serve my community by continuing to volunteer at the middle school and at the high school, if needed. I will work on serving my family with a patient loving heart and also, serving them nutritious meals. I will also continue to serve in our Emmaus and Chrysalis communities.

love y’all.

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