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Hello, Friends! I’m happy to return to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop as a Super Sponsor. After all, we are all people who love craft and coffee, right?!
If you are new to Bossy Joscie let me tell you a little bit about me. If you’re not new, keep reading, it’ll be short. ;) I started paper crafting a million years ago. I started with rubber stamping and making cards. After my first child was born, I started scrapbooking. I love traditional paper and digital and hybrid. Pretty much if it’s a creative outlet, I love it. I started submitting layouts to magazines for publishing and have had several published. I have done my share of design team work and guest design work. But as the scrapbooking magazines started to disappear I decided to return to my cardmaking roots and entered the Gallery Idol contest on a whim. I was lucky enough to make friends with some of the most lovely ladies through this process and it was during this time that I launched Bossy Joscie as a company producing flair for paper crafting. I won that contest and continued to submit cards and have them published. I created rubber stamps to use in my flair business and people started to ask me if they could buy my stamps and I thought, why not? This launched the rubber stamp portion of the Bossy Joscie Crafty Goods. It has been about 4 years now and I’m making more stamps than ever and am looking at collaborations and new goods in the future. In these 4 years, my husband retired from the Navy and we moved from my birthplace, Hawaii, and planted our roots in rural Alabama. We have found a lovely church home and community here in Holtville.
Some of my most popular stamps are my Handmade by, Address Stamps, and my Social Media Stamps.

My Super Sponsor prize is a $25 gift certificate to my shop that will be awarded to some lucky linker in the blog hop.  My flash prize? How I feel before I’m fully caffeinated. Seriously. My prize right here? A Post-it note to do stamp.  

 How to enter?

How to enter? Go to my shop, pick your very favorite item, name it in your comment. I shouldn’t have to say this but I will: If you don’t name an item, you’re not entered. One Entry per person/home/ip address.

Love Love and Blog You Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy


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79 thoughts on “Spring Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

  1. It’s nice to know more about you!
    I already bought one of your Coffee return address stamps :-)
    Thanks for being a Super Sponsor!

  2. My fave is Handmade By Personalized Stamp because I don’t have a blog but this would save me having to sign the back of all my cards. :)

  3. Love your stamps! Already ordered two custom made stamps )one address and one handmade) and love them. I love the Seriously You Rock stamp as well as the coffee mug address. So fun!

  4. Thanks for being a super sponsor, Joscie! You have some fabulous products in your shop. The personalized “Knit with Love Needles” really caught my eye.

  5. So many favorites…love the pineapple address stamp, the state shaped address stamp (yea Alabama), the happy mail and please deliver to stamps….. could say I liked them ALL. :) Thanks for sponsoring prizes. Happy spring! :)

  6. Since we live in Tuscaloosa, I have to say the Alabama State return address stamp is my favorite! I love the “handmade by” stamp too! I could use them both! Thanks for being a super sponsor this year!
    Take Care!

  7. Hello!. I would love to have a “Handmade by Aimee” stamp to use on the backs of all my cards that I stamp. I have wanted one for quite a while and would be awesome to win one.

  8. First time to your site thanks to the Coffee Blog Hop and I love your items! My favorite – the chicken buttons! I live on an acreage, raise chickens and sell their eggs at our local farmers market. My business card – purple chicken with lime green polka dots! Will definitely be ordering the buttons! Thanks!

  9. I like the homemade by name and url stamp too! I usually use a stamp that I made myself years ago to stamp the back of my cards but i would love to use an easier one that doesnt come apart! Beautiful shop! Thank you

  10. Even though I am allergic to pineapples, they are so yummy and really kinda cute in an awkward way. My fave is the Be a Pineapple stamp! But one would definitely need the pineapple stamp to go with it! How fun!

  11. Firs time playing along….my favorite was a Thank You for $18.00…sure could put that to good use! And the flash gift is perfect! Thanks so much for being an awesome sponsor!

  12. Ummmm I am pretty much in love with your Stacked Brush Address Stamp. I just bought my very first house and now I can actually get a permanent stamp, huzzah!! Thanks for the lovely chance to win! And thank you for being an amazing sponsor of the hop and helping it to be even MORE fun for us! <3

  13. Thanks for sponsoring this fun hop! My favorite item from your shop are your personalized stamps! I’d love to order one of the Stacked Brush Stamp design… love the font and look! Thanks for the chance to win your fun Post-it note to do stamp!

  14. Thanks for being a sponsor! I love your personalized stamps!!!! It feels like I’ve been stamping for a million years too, lol!!!! Nice getting to know you;)

  15. Thank you for being a sponsor!!! I would love a stacked brush address stamp…we recently moved and this would come in handy!!! Love the post it stamp you shared…wonderful for lists!

  16. Hey Joscie! I have to say I love your sticky note stamp but also love the “Just sayin'” stamp. It’s versatile and would come in so handy. Thanks so much for being a super sponsor again. It’s always fun participating in this hop! :)

  17. Thanks for being a super sponsor to this super fun blog hop! I love all your personalized products. My favorite is the personalized name and blog address stamp! Again thanks!!

  18. I just checked your store and my oh my, you have tons of fab stuff in there. But my personal favourite is a “Be a pineapple” stamp. I LOVE it!!! So fun! :D

    Thank you for sponsoring the hop! xx

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