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Hello, Friends! Last summer was our first try at the big garden. We planted things we wanted to eat and hoped for the best. There were lots of rainy days and insufficient drainage and just plain don’t quite know what we’re doing to have much success. This year we tried a little different approach and we’re hopeful for better results. I ordered all our non-GMO seeds from Baker Creek a few months ago. We planted 1/4 of the garden with two varieties of corn. We’ve planted green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, and two varieties of sweet potatoes. We have also planted flowers and added bees to our homestead. A few of our flock have moved to other families and we are collecting about 6 eggs a day these days.

The Big Garden pumpkin sprouts Corn Green Beans Poppies Oak Leaf Hydrangea Peony Daisies Hydrangea Bees Jr beekeeper Troy Green Queen, week 2 Adding 2nd brood box
You can follow along on my chronic instagram updates for the homestead with the #cutchenshomestead and #flowerRoadFarm
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