Glittery Goodness

Hello Friends! It is December and I’m here to share a Glittertastic project with you all. I have seen these fabulous paper mache letters many times and I have even purchased a few individual letters before but they have done nothing but sit in a bin for a long, long time.  Last week or so I decided that I wanted to buy our whole name and put it up on the mantle. I posted this before shot and several of my friends thought it said Cute Hens. ;)
One coat of silver acrylic paint.
two coats of silver acrylic paint.
I envisioned some chunky glass glitter but unfortunately I only had gold glass glitter. I checked around at Hobby Lobby and picked up this super chunky craft glitter. Score!
I wiped down a plastic bin with a dryer sheet to help combat static cling and ease clean up. I painted tacky glue onto each letter,starting with the sides and then the fronts and then sprinkled glitter onto the glue, over the plastic bin. I did not glitter the backs. I also like the look of glitter only on the sides.
I also pressed the glue covered letters into the glitter. I was thinking as I was working, this is just like dredging chicken in egg and flour… #issues.
I set the letters on paper to dry.
I lined the letters up on the mantle… 1 2 3 squee!
I still want to put something else on the left side but I’m not exactly sure what yet. Also, this is our first home with a fireplace and our first Christmas with our stockings hung by the chimney with care. :)
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love love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy!

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7 thoughts on “Glittery Goodness

  1. AWESOME glittery project!! Love the way you display the letters on the mantel! It’s so perfect with your family photos! LOVE!

  2. I love, love, love this! Do the letters stay upright on their own or did you have to stick them down to the mantle?

    I would totally make this, but my glitterphobe honey would probably have a fit. I wonder how it would come out if I mixed the glitter into the glue then painted it onto the letters…

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