Our week in pictures

We have been super busy! We had dinner with my classmates on Wednesday and with Troy’s old shipmates on Thursday. I dropped my camera for servicing at Canon. We checked into the hotel on Friday, it really has great sunrises and sunsets! Jordan is enjoying the continental Breakfasts. There are only three chairs in the room so we have to pull the table up to the bed for all four of us to eat together. The Packers have been doing a really good job getting all of our stuff boxed up and put into crates. I also had the opportunity to get together with some lovely ladies to scrapbook on Saturday. We have been cleaning up as we go so we can be ready to check out with Housing at the end of the month. 20130723-113904.jpg 20130723-113932.jpg 20130723-113916.jpg 20130723-113851.jpg 20130723-114241.jpg 20130723-114309.jpg 20130723-114321.jpg 20130723-114330.jpg 20130723-114445.jpg 20130723-114507.jpg 20130723-114459.jpg 20130723-114516.jpg 20130723-120903.jpg 20130723-120910.jpg 20130723-120917.jpg 20130723-120926.jpg 20130723-120936.jpg 20130723-120944.jpg 20130723-120951.jpg 20130723-120959.jpg 20130723-121007.jpg 20130723-121015.jpg 20130723-121023.jpg 20130723-121029.jpg 20130723-121038.jpg 20130723-121043.jpg 20130723-121050.jpg 20130723-121059.jpg 20130723-121105.jpg 20130723-121110.jpg 20130723-121118.jpg 20130723-121126.jpg 20130723-121131.jpg 20130723-121140.jpg 20130723-121146.jpg 20130723-121151.jpg 20130723-121157.jpg
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4 thoughts on “Our week in pictures

  1. TFS. I love visiting Oahu so much that it kind of makes me a little sad that you are leaving the beautiful island. Best wishes for a smooth move.

  2. I’m tired just reading this post! Must be quite the whirlwind of emotions as well as activity. Glad that you guys are able to do so much visiting with folks before you head out. Can’t wait to see you CONUS!

  3. Sniff, sniff, reading this makes me so sad already. Best wishes on your move and have a safe road trip. I’m so jealous that you get to met Gen and Jeryn in Utah.

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