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Hello Friends! I’m checking in via my mobile set up, iPhone 5 and bluetooth keyboard. As long as I don’t cave in and get an iPad or Mac Book Pro… this will be my set up.
The movers came earlier than expected yesterday morning, so I’m glad we took the time to separate out most of the items for packing.
20130717-093621.jpg 20130717-093634.jpg 20130717-093641.jpg 20130717-093649.jpg 20130717-093706.jpg 20130717-093713.jpg
here are a few of the BasicGrey essentials I kept for the trip…
The guys had our stuff packed up before Jordan even woke up. We spent the rest of the day cleaning out medicine cabinets, purging old makeup and hair products, washing laundry and starting to pack our suitcases. We also had our pre inspection with the Forest City representative, she is such a nice lady. Today more purging, cleaning, vacuuming. We may have to make a run to the dump because the trash bin is full and we’ve got old junk from the freezer to throw out.
I guess I’ve played around on the iphone enough for this morning, I should get to work.
Thanks for stopping by!
Love Love and mo-Blog you later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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