50th State Fair

Hello Friends! It has been a super busy beginning to the summer over the past few days. Last week the boys and I spent time at our church working on Vacation Bible School, I’ll be back with some pictures from that in a little bit. The other night Troy and I were watching TV and I saw a commercial for the 50th State Fair. We usually pass on the fair because we don’t love crowds or the heat at the Stadium Parking lot where the fair is held but at the end of the commercial, three words caught my attention. Hedrick’s racing pigs. That’s right, racing pigs. Ever since playing angry birds, Jordan has been fond of pigs and even more so recently. He abstains from bacon and pork products for the most part too. When I saw the racing pigs I just knew we would have to make our way over to the fair to see them.  We went down to the stadium at 4pm yesterday, opening time for Saturday. It was $5 to park, $3 a person to get in. We walked around and weighed our eating options and Troy and Jalen had chicken and fries ($5 or 6 each) , Jordan had pizza ($3) and I opted for a Hawaiian Combo plate ($12) and corn on the cob ($5) 4 cans of juice ($1 each). There was a large tent with picnic tables where we ate, it was a comfortable area. Troy also took Jordan over to the “fishing” area ($5) where he scored a light up toy.

We visited the petting zoo ($4 a person) where Jordan got to pet his first pig. He was cautious and careful not to disturb the little piglet and scolded daddy for scratching the pig too vigorously. There was also a little bunny and some goats and baby goats. One of the little baby goats was trying to eat shoelaces, jackets and hair, it was quite funny watching it happen (to someone else)







After washing up at the restroom trailer, we grabbed front row seats at the pig racing area. The announcer was quite amusing and I appreciated her ability to work the crowd. It was very HOT out there. We sat under our umbrella until other people started to show up.







After the pig races we looked through the games and didn’t see any that we wanted to play.



We lined up for deep fried brownies, I didn’t love it.

We walked around and looked at the rides but no one wanted to ride.






It was a fun afternoon out at the 50th State Fair.

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Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)


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3 thoughts on “50th State Fair

  1. TFS. I think it was a great decision to go to the fair. Your son looks so happy in the petting zoo – look at that smile.

  2. Electronic games look better to those two than the Fair games, huh? At least the Imaka got to see the live pigs.

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