Two Peas Tuesday v.3.5.13

Hello Friends! Happy Two Peas Tuesday :)  Today I’m sharing a colorful digital layout I created to tell about my appearance on the Joy of Crafting Show.

Joy of Crafting


Be Spring Already  by Mommyish

I was so nervous when Joy invited me to be on this local cable crafting show, but she made me feel right at ease. I watched the show last night and I was nervous all over again, haha. Some observations:

1. I need to stand up straighter.

2. I am a goober and I like to laugh at my own jokes when watching the show back.

3. Joy and Cheryl were SO sweet!

4. I wasn’t joking when I said my card was super easy!

If you are interested in watching the show, it is on OC 16:

Oceanic Cable’s channel 12 or HD 1012

Sundays 4 am, 6:30 pm | Mondays 12:30 am, 7:30 pm | Tuesdays 1:30 am | Thursdays 12 noon, 8 pm | Fridays 2 am, 8:30 am | Saturdays 10am, 10 pm

If you are not in HI you can watch online: it’s live streaming

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Love Love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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5 thoughts on “Two Peas Tuesday v.3.5.13

  1. Oh Joscie, you were a really fun guest. Today, we taped another show and i was telling the crew how i need to have youon again before you go to Alabama.
    I know, I’m corny, too, and I laugh at my own jokes all the time!

  2. You totally deserve the limelight, my friend!!!! Your page is GORGEOUS! Can I share something funny with you? Besides the fact, that I’m notorious for laughing at my own not-so-funny jokes, my dad used to tape my public speaking practices and have me watch them. Let’s just say, I feel TOTALLY comfortable speaking in front of large crowds now! LOL! Practice and constructive criticism makes perfect?!

  3. Congratulations…how exciting, but also how intimidating being on a show, critiquing yourself afterwards, thinking I should have…you are you and an awesome person! ♥

  4. I found you to be very professional. Instructions were easy to follow, I think even I could make one. You did a great job for your first TV appearance.

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