January 14 prompt was low light. I envisioned shooting the boys reading in bed. I tried a few different shots…
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January 14 | Low Light

January 14 | Low Light
This morning I woke up to no wifi in the house. I went down to check on the router and reset it. We had to run an errand for a little bit and when we came home I saw that the internet still was not working. I called in to the the phone company who provides our DSL and got a message that there was a known issue. I later learned that there was a garbage fire near our home that injured a homeless man and damaged about 200 feet of fiber optic cable. I’m thankful that we have cable tv, home phone and cell phone service. I’m also thankful that Jalen got me this super cool bluetooth keyboard to use with my iphone so i can still blog. I am going to have to see about tethering the iphone to the imac for my other work.
I hope you’re doing well out there. Thanks for stopping by!
Love Love and mobile blog you later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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  1. Hope that homeless man is okay. ♥ I love watching my girls read….Olivia who is 9 is a slow reader. Last week I caught her reading silently!!! It’s a big deal, because she always had to read aloud,even to herself. Hannah is an avid reader and was reading much more than Olivia, but we are all unique! That is a blessing from God.

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