Rainbows and Colorful Food

Hello Friends! Yesterday’s prompt was Fur and while I could have searched around for some furry item or another, in the afternoon drizzle, I spotted this beautiful double rainbow over my neighborhood.

January 4- Double Rainbow

January 4, Double Rainbow

Last night we had dinner at Ala Moana Shopping Center so I could meet up with my Photog friend Marc and also so I could spend the $20 credit at Williams Sonoma. Jalen helped me browse the store and we were wavering between a new cake pan or a cake plate but ended up going for an ebelskiver pan. My girlfriend Kelli told me that her husband makes them and they are totally yummy. These filled “pancakes” have endless possibilities… My first batch had white chocolate chip filling. I really enjoyed them.


January 5, Colorful Food

January 5, Colorful Food
I went to a baby shower today and these were calling out to be photographed. We played a few games and one of my favorites that I didn’t think I was doing well at… drawing a picture for the parents to judge. A baby in a crib with a rattle, all with your non dominant hand, on your forehead. Guess who won. haha.
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