Project Life meets P365

Hello Friends! I am so excited because I just received the Seafoam Project Life Core Kit the other day. I love elise’s design aesthetic and could not be happier. I added some of my calendar flair and used this for my POTD:

January 15 | Shallow Depth of Field

January 15 | Shallow DOF
January 16, sunrise
sunset from Jordan’s bedroom window, he has the best view in the whole house.
Clearing out some of the clutter in preparation for the big move.

January 16 | Jumbled

January 16 | Jumbled

I’m getting rid of all of the magazines. I’m keeping only the ones I’m published in and the ones from 2012. I’ve also cleared out a trashbag worth of clothing to take to goodwill. I feel better already.

thanks for stopping by!
Love Love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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3 thoughts on “Project Life meets P365

  1. Love seeing the delicious photos, Joscie! I had such FUN with you at the PC FB party yesterday. I’ve decided that I NEED to party with you whenever you make a post (I just became your latest e-mail subscriber!)! Happy weened!

  2. Yay for cleaning out and purging! I started to clear out my mags, but got sad that so many are not around anymore, so I held on to them…. esp. SB Etc. :( I did purge the old idea books though!

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