January 3- Repetition

Hello Friends! Today’s prompt is repetition, one of my favorite things. I LOVE LOVE LOVE things in multiples, especially when they are all lined up… but how could I pass up this bit of fabulousness that we found while out today?!

January 3 – Repetition

January 3, repetition Ghostbusters, spotted at Moanalua Shopping center Ghostbusters, spotted at Moanalua Shopping center

Who you gonna call?! We were heading out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s tonight and Troy pointed it out to me. Thankfully I had grabbed my big camera to bring along in search of some repetition… YAY for weird things.  Also yesterday, I was polling my facebook friends and I thought I’d continue it here. If you are a TWENTY-SOMETHING, do you know Jeff Foxworthy’s You might be a redneck bit, or is he just that host from the Are you smarter than a fifth grader show to you?  I think I had 6 twenty somethings reply and all said they knew it. but then I started to wonder, how many twenty something friends do I even have? Please let me know in the comments…

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Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)


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3 thoughts on “January 3- Repetition

  1. What an awesome car! I’ll have to show Kaleb when he gets home from school today.

    I am one of your twenty-something friends but only for another 5 months or so…

  2. I’m a little late, but I have a HUGE backlog of email I’m slowly working my way through. {I guess I follow a few too many blogs :) }

    I’m a 20-something [for another 6 weeks anyway] and I totally LOVE Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck bits! I probably still have one of his stand-up CDs somewhere.

    I also remember the Ghostbuster cartoon [How could I forget it when my hubby still watches it on DVD?] Of course, I had to share your pictures of the Ecto-1 with him…..and he wants it. :) It’s a good thing we already it as a tree ornament to fill the new void in his heart. :) LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

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