Ford Island

Hello Friends! I have three pictures of the day and a few too good not to share. First up, some of the boys new and old favorite plush toys. as always, click any photo for a larger view.

January 17 | Favorite Toy

January 17 | Favorite Toy
We took a drive over to Ford Island to capture some photos of the buildings, sigh, I love those hangar doors, windows, the big numbers on the buildings…
IMG_4782 IMG_4790 IMG_4794 IMG_4806 IMG_4811 IMG_4824 IMG_4819 IMG_4840 IMG_4821

January 18 | Door

January 18 | Doors

January 19 | Backlit

January 19 | Backlit
Yesterday was the Paper Crafts Magazine Party Day on Facebook. Every time a submission call ends, they have a party thread on their facebook page while they send out emails. I LOVE these party days, ladies are chatting, cheering each other on and all that kinds of fun stuff. My fun stuff? I had one card requested for the July/August Issue of Paper Crafts, I am so stoked. It’s a bossyJoscie flair kind of card too. doubly stoked.
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Love Love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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