Hello friends! Today’s prompt for January 8 was disheartened | Hinder | Frustrated. I thought to myself, that’s a strange prompt- I don’t usually look to document those things.  We started back to school yesterday and it’s always rough after taking a few days off, and forget about taking two weeks off. We battled yesterday but made it through. Today we started off with a different plan and it just seemed to work out a little better. By this afternoon, the boys were watching and cackling to the movie up in my scrapbooking room and munching popcorn. I was thinking, I have no idea what I’ll be shooting for today’s potd. Troy came home from work and was ready to go out to dinner somewhere and they chose Bubba Gump’s down at Ala Moana. Since it was already late afternoon, we had to drive in some traffic to get down there and Jordan was getting grumpy. and then he fell asleep in the car. When we arrived at Ala Moana, he did not really want to get out of the car, much less eat at the restaurant we had chosen. He grudgingly came along with the promise of being able to lay his head down and go back to sleep. Hello, sleepy boy. He was not happy about being there.

January 8 | Disheartened

January 8 | Disheartened? tired. IMG_4410 IMG_4412

January 7 | Sunset Colors

January 7 | Sunset Colors

here’s the custard pie I made with Chicken Kym’s eggs :) and the boys lining up after the Bama victory to get some.

custard pie Bama Boys love pie
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