Chicken Kym, Fresh Eggs, and Custard Pie

Hello Friends! Today was a busy day, we started with Church this morning, Jalen followed up with Youth Group after church and then we headed out to visit my friend Kym, affectionately known in our home as Chicken Kym. You may already know, we are thinking about getting a few hens when we move to Alabama this year. Okay, so Troy is quickly turning into Chicken Troy and obsessing over the many options. Kym’s daughter Bostyn donned her cute polka dot boots to go up and see the chickens.
IMG_4329 IMG_4339 IMG_4342IMG_4345 IMG_4340

Do you know what? Chicken butt. hee hee. sorry, I really am a 10 year old sometimes.

You know what? chicken butt. lol

Here Bostyn is showing off one of the pretty blue eggs. :)


Bossy Joscie and Chicken Kym :) She gave us a dozen fresh eggs and a cool Star Wars book for the boys :) I brought her some New 2013 Monthly Flair :)

bossyJoscie and ChickenKym

We also had a graduation party to go to this afternoon, Jalen had confirmation and I’m now baking a fresh custard pie in my new white pie pan. I’m SO excited!

January 6 | words

January 6 - Words

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Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)


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2 thoughts on “Chicken Kym, Fresh Eggs, and Custard Pie

  1. It was so nice seeing you guys today. Please come over any time when Troy has to do “research.” I am simply loving my new flair and can’t wait to use them in my PL album. Hope the boys enjoy their SW fliers book and the fresh eggs. Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t wait to hear stories about the Chicken Cutchens once you are all settled in Alabama. I may have to call and have you talk to Harry, because I’ve been trying to talk him into getting chickens for a few months now.

    I love Bostyn’s polka dot boots! Polka dots make me happy. :)

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