UH Football game

Hello Friends! On Saturday night we joined some friends for the last UH football game of the season where they played University of South Alabama. The seats were in the top of the stadium, about on the 40 yardline. We’ve joined them before but Jordan has never been to the games. The seats really are pretty awesome. I was nervous about taking Jordan because he has expressed concern about heights and loud noises before but he insisted that he wanted to come to the game.  As it became clear that UH might score soon, I wanted to warn him about the cannon fire.

Me: Jordan, do you know what team we’re cheering for?

Jordan: Alabama?

Me: No, we cheered for Alabama earlier today. We’re cheering for UH.

Jordan: Oh, because that’s where we live now?

Me: Yes. So we’re cheering for the team in black. When they score by carrying the ball into the endzone, they will fire a cannon and it will be loud. I will cover your ears though.

Jordan: Ok, so did you bring my touch?

These guys also run around the perimeter of the field with the big H flag when the team scores. it’s pretty cool.

Look who we saw at the game:

We had a great time. Got home and in bed late but still made it to Church the next morning. I was proud of Jordan for climbing up there and sitting there throughout the game. baby steps. maybe next time he’ll watch the game.

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