One week until Christmas

Hello friends, with one week until Christmas how are your preparations coming? We’ve had our tree up for a week or so and i love the lights! The bottom strand that decided to go out, not so much.
I ordered our christmas cards from and i love them. (here is a referral link if you’re interested) Since my old PC died in march and i moved to Mac, my contacts have not been exactly current. I mostly rebuilt our address list off my laptop computer but really, i don’t know what is worse, having no addresses or multiples for the same person and not being able to remember which is the current one. I finally got the addresses into a mail merge document, printed labels and got them out.
I mailed out some other little gifties at the post office on Sunday after Church.
I started baking cookies and gingerbread houses on Monday and Tuesday… And i think atleast one more, maybe two more kinds of cookies to come. 20121218-195532.jpg 20121218-195550.jpg 20121218-195559.jpg 20121218-195622.jpg 20121218-195646.jpg
PS have you seen this issue?! Take a peek, i’m on p 12! 20121218-195704.jpg i have a few flair orders to handle too! I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for stopping by!
Love Love and blog you later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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3 thoughts on “One week until Christmas

  1. Lucky girl to have a PO that’s open on a Sunday…ours is open on Saturday’s…LOVE the A Muse bag!!!!!! I have the mug…need the matching bag now:) LOVE your cards…thinking of doing pic NY cards, will check out Pear Tree….cookies and gingerbread houses…awesome.

  2. I am impressed by all the baking at your house!!! I’m not a baker at heart, but I do enjoy eating baked goods…..

  3. The cards turned out so well….I was going to ask you where you got them, as there was no advertisement or label on the back (I LIKE that). ♥ Such a cute little gingerbread neighborhood!
    Did you see my blog post with the personalized cookies? I LOVE this letter cookie cutter…and think it’s something you’d really like, too.

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