Coming home

Hello Friends! Sunday night after I returned to the hotel, I packed up all my goodies and put out my clothing for the flight home. My super shuttle was due to pick me up at 6:30am and I wanted to be ready. I woke up early, got dressed and was ready well ahead of schedule.

glad to see Troy’s smiling face picking me up at the airport. I unpacked… hung up this super cute pea dishtowel from erica in my kitchen. She said it was a set of two and the other is in her kitchen. It makes me smile. She also got me this cute zip pouch.

the next morning we enjoyed coffee from the new seattle mugs :) okay, so he’s having hot chocolate…

also sporting the otter tshirts I picked up at the aquarium:

and the star wars mad libs from paper source… :)

I had lots and lots of flair to press with all the orders that came in while i was gone. I also got a new set up so I can press 1″ flair now. This is the new default size. It’s faster to press and has self adhesive foam backing. 7/8″ is still available, but you need to indicate your size preference on your order.

we picked up brave in the store and headed to the theater to catch wreck it ralph.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I’ll have some projects to share.

The winner of my letterpress giveaway is: ~Amy~ & FabuLisa

The winner of my swap card giveaway is: Gen B & Ti Kaheiki

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)


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