P366 June roundup

Hello Friends!

I’m checking in with some more snaps of our daily life!

Saturday June 16. I was working on my Gallery Idol Card and my whole space was a mess. bits of this and bits of that. and a lego mini fig watching it all go down.

Sunday June 17: Father’s Day. Late lunch at Outback Steakhouse

Monday June 18: subway for lunch. we eat out a lot. Jordan was telling me about his super heroes…

Tuesday June 19: Dentist office elevator fun. (No cavities!)

Wednesday June 20: Shirokiya for dinner.

Thursday June 21: Neighbor across the street playing with chalk.

Friday June 22: shower trees in bloom make me smile.

Saturday June 23: finished my interactive card

Sunday June 24: flair for the gallery idol girlies.

Monday June 25: starbucks sweets at target.

Tuesday June 26: Look Mom, I’m Cyclops!

Wednesday June 27: Hero Arts Card (the only thing I photographed)

Thursday June 28: Jesse’s 5th birthday party. Cake Pop was about to fall and I said, don’t hold it like that it’s going to… fall. and it did.

Friday June 29: Mud Pie from Stuart Anderson’s Cattle Company.

Saturday June 30: Rootbeer floats in honor of the Ferlaak Family.

Sunday July 1: Sunday School coloring.

Monday July 2: still for sale, it may be a sign….

That catches me up after a busy busy two week period. I think it has finally sunk in that the gallery idol contest is over, and I won. I created a few more cards yesterday and submitted them to the Paper Crafts Call that closes, tonight. I’ve got my fingers crossed for that! I also submitted to a new DT, and definitely got my fingers crossed there too!I’ll be back tomorrow with some scrap and cards to share. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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