P366: May Wrap-Up

Hello friends! I haven’t been posting my daily pictures, but I have been taking them.  We’ve all been feeling a little under the weather and then busy with other things so there are lots of cell phone pictures, but I feel like I’m still capturing a little bit of our daily life, and that really is my big goal. If given the choice between two pictures, one that is perfectly focused and composed and one slightly less but tells a story, I will usually choose the story.

May 19:

breakfast: strawberries and cream, croissant and coffee.

May 20:

Jordan and I were under the weather with coughing and sneezing so we stayed home from Church while Troy and Jalen went without us.  We played Monopoly Jr.

May 21:

turkey sandwich with spinach, sugar snap peas on the side. SO good.

May 22:

Jalen waiting for his follow up ultrasound. He got a good report.

May 23:

I had to buy a replacement bottle of lemon extract after dropping and breaking one in the kitchen last month. I use this for my decorated cookies.

May 24:

What we’re working on for Jordan’s Math lessons.

May 25:

Jordan drawing a snake on the world tree.

May 26:

My mom and me at my nephew’s high school graduation party.

May 27:

Jordan eating cheetos with chopsticks, as it should be. no orange fingers.

May 28:

Memorial Day. We visited my dad’s grave at Punchbowl (National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific)

May 29:

sitting at a picnic table at a playground in the neighborhood. the sun shines through the holes.

May 30:

Organic eggs from the supermarket: $5/dozen.

May 31:

Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Top 20 Revealed! EEEK, that’s me in the bottom left!

June 1:

Kindle #2 bites the dust.

June 2:

Jordan’s favorite breakfast, cold pizza diamonds.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

My card for the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol goes live on Monday and public voting starts at noon Mountain Standard Time.  I will post a reminder on Monday with links to vote.  You will have to register and I understand what a pain in the booty that can seem sometimes but I beg you to register so you can vote!
Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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