P366: 158

Hello Friends! I have been obsessing over these carnations. I can’t stop looking at the colored water and the petals of the flowers. I also had to add water to the glasses so the water level would be even all the way across. I know, issues. This afternoon as the sun was shining in the window sill, I started snapping pictures… and here they are. sigh. makes me so happy. as always, click any picture for a larger view.


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Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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11 thoughts on “P366: 158

  1. This whole series of pics is wonderful, Joscie. I love the texture of the petals and the various reflections of the water. What a lovely way to enjoy fresh flowers on a sunny day!

  2. Carnations are my birth month flower and I’ve always been very fond of them. I think they were also Grace Kelly’s favorite flower. I read once that at a gala she was attending, carnation petals were strewn on the toilets in the ladies bathroom. Wouldn’t that have been cool to see?

  3. Not a flower most photograph but how they work.

    This is a great storyboard…. hmm ideas at work here :)


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