Two Peas Tuesday v5.1.12

Hello friends! Happy Two Peas Tuesday!  Today’s new releases from two peas in a bucket digi shop include the May Pea Soup collaboration and I can’t wait to get my wacom on those goodies ;). I got a chance to play with this kit from Michelle Underwood called flirt. It’s featured in the Kit Smitten feature on the two peas digi blog today.  I used a picture taken by Thereasa Gwinn, with permission, and surrounded it with bits of tape, patterned papers and a few embellishments.

I also have some pictures to share. Yesterday I walked outside just before sunset, my favorite time of day…

a coconut tree in our backyard.  All the trees in our neighborhoods are tagged. love the tag and the lichens.

a plumeria tree in full bloom. a peek of the moon.

adjusted for fun, the sky and clouds. :)

while I love all the previous pictures, I really thought this one captured life on our street right now. We have a huge tree just down the street that dumps sticky pods and leaves everywhere. Lets just say, it’s not my favorite kind of tree. I do like this picture of the sidewalk in front of our house.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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6 thoughts on “Two Peas Tuesday v5.1.12

  1. Love your layout… you two are swoon-worthy!
    Photos are awesome too. Just love plumeria, they are magnificent. Sidewalk photo is awesome, love the tilt of the lens point of view.

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