texture and vintage and doctors

Hello Friends!  Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

May 7: texture

May 8: vintage

I bought this camera on ebay to use for TTV (through-the-viewfinder) shots.

I stepped outside to shoot some ttv shots in the neighborhood…

May 9: Peds.

went in with hip/groin pain. sent home with instructions to return if it got worse. guess what?

May 10: ER

swelling/bruising. ultrasound. thankfully no more pain. taking it easy for 3 weeks then follow up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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5 thoughts on “texture and vintage and doctors

  1. So glad to read your son will be fine.

    Love the vintage post processing on these.


  2. Congrats on making gallery idol top 20. I love the look of theses photos! Is this type of camera expensive??

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