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Hello friends!  I’ve just recently started instagramming, now that it’s available on android. I enjoy seeing my friends’ pictures, it’s really like a photo only facebook/twitter and I enjoy it.  I’ve also seen people posting other photo a day projects and because of my short attention span, I always thought it said fatmuslim and thought, wow that sounds kind of rude. ha. it’s fatmumslim. what a difference one letter makes.  anyway, I thought I might play along with the instagram photo a day as well as continuing on with my regular photo a day. we’ll just have to see if that gets to be too much. the prompts for #MayPhotoADay May 1 Peace may 2- skyline

may 3, something I wore today. prescription sunglasses.

May 2: honolulu skyline from Tripler Hospital Parking Lot. I did a 10 second exposure on the roof of my van. You can see my stitch antenna ball on the left hand side ;)

May 3: eyes

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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