May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Hello Friends! Yesterday was May Day, and in celebration I took the boys down to chinatown to visit a lei stand, pick up some  lei and get some food.

Sadly our favorite Manapua shop is closed on Tuesdays so we tried some  cheesecake at OTTO cake, around the corner from the lei stand.

I checked in on facebook to both places and one of my friends said she was surprised i went there, was I afraid and did i take the boys with me… Evidently there has been a lot of crime in the neighborhood and the owner was beat up by a drug dealer. I had no idea! I probably wouldn’t have stopped if I had heard the story, I’m not really sure. But I’m glad we were able to contribute to his business. I highly recommend the original cheesecake. :)

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Joscie, rhymes with Bossy :)

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7 thoughts on “May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

  1. Happy May day…we assembled a few small bouquets of flower to leave on friends’ doorsteps in honor of this day! I think leis are the perfect Hawaiian way to enjoy flowers!!! ♥
    Cool that the spoons say ALOHA on them. The cheesecakes look scrumptious…sure glad to hear you were all safe!

  2. Ah, man! Why is it that you can only have Lei Day in Hawaii???? I want a Lei Day here in Illinois!!!! I still remember the beautiful lei with which I was presented when I visited Hawaii many years ago! That cheesecake looks good, too, but I’d rather have a lei.

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