Project Life Week 11

Hello Friends, welcome to Project Life Week 11.  This week I learned a new thing, and I’m excited to share it with you.  You know I’m an equal opportunity type of scrapper, right? I love my paper and glue and my pixels and printers. Well this past week Erica Hernandez released a new kit called indexed and one of the items included are these super cute journaling cards in pdf form.  I opened on sheet of the pdf journaling cards into PSCS5 thinking, i’ll just see if I can add my journaling first…. then I realized, I can add other items on top of this pdf just like a regular scrapbook page…. so i did. I added a few pictures and staples and alphas… and before you know it, I had 6 journaling cards ready for my PL spread.

I printed these out and then saved a websized file so I could share here… then I closed the file and realized. i made a mistake on the date on the lower right card. lame. but guess what? I can fix that with a date sticker or something… and i put a day of the week sticker on it. sunday. duh. it was saturday. and I put that Saturday sticker over that. problem solved. haha! Truthfully, these journaling cards are 3×4 and the pockets need inserts 2.9×4… so i trimmed just a sliver off each side of each card. no biggie.

Project Life Week 11

Project Life Week 11 L

details, click any below for a larger view:

Project Life Week 11 R

details, click any below for a larger view:

March 12 on 12th

I’m using the same format throughout the year on the 12th of each month. a headshot of each member of the family, an item selected by each member of the family, then 4 randoms of my choice along with extensive journaling as to what is going on in our family at that time of the month. i thought it was funny we all had different colored tshirts on this month. i almost forgot it was the 12th!

Indexed: The Collection  by Erica Hernandez
my life 365 – convo journaler templates  by Polka Dot Pixels
Silhouette, Kraft Cardstock, Washi Tape, Tiny Attacher, Machine Stitching, Studio Calico Classic Calico, Red Numbers- salvaged #s.
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Joscie, rhymes with Bossy :)

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2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 11

  1. VERY cool! I’ve bought a number of printable index cards that I plan on using in my PL album soon. So far, I’m enjoying making my own cards out of scraps. Right now, actually, I’m working on week 5 and I’m also done, so I’m not too far behind! I’m loving this process!

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