Project Life Week 4

Hello Friends! Welcome to my Project Life week 4 recap. I was struggling with photo pocket space for this week because we had two days out with a lot of pictures. I ended up adding a stick on 4×6 pocket to the right page.

Project Life Week 4

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Project Life Week 4 L

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Jalen has just started going to youth group at church and it meets right after our service when we usually eat lunch.  Our new routine is going to lunch without him and bringing him take out when we pick him up.  I cut a 4×6 piece of the take out bag and slipped it into a pocket.  I also stamped a like stamp ( I also date stamped a lot in this week’s spread instead of the thickers like the previous weeks. I was also inspired by Allison Waken’s customizable stamps to dig out my stamp set. I also did lots of hand journaling on the folded cards.

Project Life Week 4 R

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the Hawaii State Capitol picture is in the 4×6 flip pocket.

Project Life Week 4 R p2

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here’s a close up of the flipped up pocket

under the pocket

thanks so much for stopping by!
Love Love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with Bossy :)

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