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Hello friends!  You know, I see inspiration everywhere. Not only on pinterest and in magazines and online scrapbook galleries but also in ad design, tv and movies, nature, store displays and everywhere. They say that there are no new ideas, only recycled ideas and that is probably true to some extent.  In scrapbooking when someone is inspired by a project and creates something from that inspiration, it is called scraplifting.  Scraplifting can be anything from color scheme, product choice, style of pictures, layout design and in some cases copying every detail.  Creative Team/Design Team members create layouts and projects for designers/companies to show off their products and show you how you might want to use them.  This can lead to lots and lots of scraplifting.  In my opinion, scraplifting can be a harmless compliment to the original source. In some cases however, it just leads to yucky feelings. It is NEVER okay to save someone else’s work and then put your pictures over their and present it as your own work. It is also not okay to copy every detail of a project and also present it as your own work. Lots of grief can be saved by 1. asking permission and 2. giving credit where credit is due.

Thank you so much friends for reading my rambling! Lets go forth and do the right thing.

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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3 thoughts on “on inspiration

  1. I recently had this happen to me. A very talented designer CASEd something from my blog and submitted for publication. Lo and behold, it was picked up. She emailed me after she turned in her project and told me that she gave me credit. I have mixed feelings… It’s a very touchy subject!

  2. Hi there – I agree with all your points. I’m surprised people would actually steal – not scrap lift -someone’s work. I’m curious if this actually happened to you and how it happened. I put my work out there on my website to inspire people, but hope no one steals it. Great post.

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