Happy Fat Tuesday

Hello Friends! Happy Fat Tuesday! In other parts of the country people are loading up on their fat treats before the start of Lent tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. Here in Hawaii, we call it malasada day. Fried Portuguese donuts rolled in sugar. Sure, they come in other varieties like cinnamon sugar or filled with custard, chocolate, haupia or other fruity flavors but I am somewhat of a Malasada purists. Plain sugar for me please. and Yes, I’ll take a dozen. We drove down to Leonard’s Jr Bakery this afternoon to pick them up. Funny enough, the prompt for today was brown.

my picture of the day:

also, Jordan lost tooth #8 today. He said, I have 4 garages!

By the way, my back is feeling MUCH better today, I thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts, they worked.
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Joscie, rhymes with Bossy :)

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12 thoughts on “Happy Fat Tuesday

  1. Oh, my! I’ve never had malasadas! They look delicious! When I was in Hawaii I was introduced to real Portuguese sweet bread, not that imitation that they sell in supermarkets here in the states labeled “Hawaiian Bread.” What a treat that was! I’d go back just for more of that bread, and some good Kona coffee.

  2. Great! You’ve successfully made me want to think of nothing else but donuts in Hawaii now! Mmmmmmm! Donuts! Strangely, I love the shot of the box. (Maybe they deliver to North Dakota????)

  3. Is that a pink or lavender box…with turquoise writing? ♥ Awesome combination for the sweets inside. Looks like a nice local place. I’d call those doughnut holes. Are they like them?

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