Happy Birthday Troy and Ho’olaule’a

Hello Friends! Today we celebrated Troy’s birthday at Ho’olaule’a, the annual fair at the school I attended from Kindergarten through 12. We drove up to the school and parked down at the Elementary School and waited for the shuttle to take us up to the festivities.

Jalen and I sat together on the bus.

we picked up a tshirt and then got some scrip and headed up to the games/rides area. The fish pond is always a good thing, guaranteed win. Jalen did a little climb and slide thing. We all tried our hand at the various games unsuccessfully. Thankfully they were selling these inflatable hammers that the boys wanted. also, we spent some time at the dunk tank, the boys loved it.

favorite part of the whole thing? the food. haole brownies, hawaiian food plate.

on the way out we walked through the elementary campus a little bit.  Some things are so different from when I was there, and somethings are the same. I love the tiles here.

my kindergarten classroom, shout out room 2!

when I was in elementary and intermediate school, this was a drive through area where parents and busses dropped kids off.

When I was in 8th grade, this is where I was, right before school when my friend Yvette got out of her mom’s car and announced to all of us, the space shuttle challenger had just blown up.  

i love the pattern on the cement, it brings me right back to elementary school.

we went out to dinner for Troy’s Birthday.  Bubba Gump’s again. We were prepared to declare we were in fact visiting from Djibouti but they didn’t ask. I was very excited about this and wonder if it had anything to do with the online feedback I submitted? Our server was excellent. He didn’t even flinch when I asked him to bring me a different side than fries. asked about our food. cleared our dishes promptly, kept our water glasses full. I LOVE when we get a good server.  and to top it off? We had a $25 credit on our account. so nice. We were playing hangman while waiting for the food to come, Jordan was whispering the word to Jalen. :)

and for my picture of the day, the birthday boy with a slice of chocolate pound cake.

It was a beautiful day spent with family, totally a BFDOF (big fat day of fun).  Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Troy and Ho’olaule’a

  1. 1st) Happy Birthday Troy!

    2nd ) I work at the elementary school I went to, back then it was K-6, now just Prek-3rd ……..Yours is HUGE …….

    I heard about the challenger from my friend Julie…then we went to the library to watch, (which is now my supervising teacher’s room)
    we were in the 6th grade…. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. We actually watched the challenger blow up!! I was in 7th grade and they had wheeled a tv into the room so we could watch it take off …. I remember wondering it it always looked like that when they took off and then the tv being shut off very quickly.

    I actually wrote a letter to the teacher’s (Christa Mcoliff I think?) family and got one back with some NASA stuff. I seem to remember she had kids and that just broke my heart to think they watched too.

  3. I was in class in high school when the Challenger blew up. They announced it over the intercom. We were all stunned, esp because our favorite science teacher was in the running to BE on the shuttle.

  4. P.S. The Hawaiian food looks delicious! I miss Kahlua Pork and cabbbage and Haupia!
    Hmmm…I always comment on the food portions of your blog posts~ I think I can safely say”I’m a Foodie!” lol. Sounds like a scrap page to me ;)

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