57 of 366

Hello Friends! Today’s prompt was hot, red hot, spicy… I went in the opposite direction since we got a new toy yesterday that I have been wanting for a while….

have you heard of it? It makes “instant” popsicles. okay so really it takes about 6 minutes to freeze them, but I have been intrigued for awhile.  The first batch, sad to say, was not very good. I used orange juice and some pina colada mix that just wasn’t sweet enough. We’ll try again tomorrow. hopefully it’ll be better.

this morning at church, we had new members join the church and one got baptized.

and Jordan is in the middle during children’s time… (notice how many boys we have!)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of our day.

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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3 thoughts on “57 of 366

  1. I made spicy chicken with Kim Chee Ramen, very red, very hot and very spicy! Had I read your blog earlier, I’ve have posted a pic for you. Oh yes, it was also very delicious! Aloha.

  2. Huh. . . . . if you can make green smoothies, why not green popsicles (you know, ones with veggies in them)? Just think of the possibilities! (by the way, along with fruits, you don’t even notice the spinach, or kale, or carrots, or red peppers!)

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