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Hello Friends!  No matter how many times I type the word friends, everytime I type it here, I type Fir and then have to backspace to fix it. Maybe it’s the uppercase messing with my typing.  Also, in my short attention span head, I’m thinking the numbering of the posts may get more challenging as the year goes on. but anyway, here we go with our regularly scheduled post.

Today’s prompt is about what takes your breath away. Of course my family makes me happy, but so many other things make me happy too. Blue skies, white clouds, clouds colored by the sun, the sun, flowers, lighthouses, old buildings, wood fences, textures like canvas and burlap and lace and yarn, glitter, washi tape, rainbows and I could go on and on and on. Do you know what else makes me happy? This tower on Ford Island.  They rebuilt or refurbished or whatever, they fixed it up, good as new. isn’t it pretty? and if you look up on the right side, you can see the moon too. :)

you know I took more shots. one that included my shadow. and one from the other side of the tower with the sun peeking around. and the bottom shot is just the sun in the sky. no power lines, no buildings in the way. just happy sun. :)

Tell me, what makes your heart happy?
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Love Love and Blog you Later,
Joscie, rhymes with bossy :)

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One thought on “33 of 366

  1. Well, just looking at your photos makes me happy! We are all so lucky to live in parts of the world that have flowers and mild weather all year long! Awesome place, I’d love to go there some day!

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