Project Life: week 3

Hello Friends, thanks for stopping by! I finally had the time to finish up the last journaling card for last week and got my Project Life week 3 photographed. I am still really enjoying this project!

Project Life Week 3

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Project Life Week 3 Left

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I included a gas pump receipt stapled to a journaling card.  I added my journaling by hand, added the orange stickers.   I had to include this shot of Jordan doing his math.  He always touches his fingers to his chin or nose when he counts. I think it is so cute. I also did this week’s dates on a white flag instead of a kraft flag. I am resisting going back to change it to match the previous weeks. Hambly Washi Tape.  Label from a treat we bought at Shirokiya: custard filled fish shaped waffles. super yum. also thickers numbers and smash date stamp in gray.
Date stamp right on the picture. Studio Calico Scrap Pads, machine stitching.  Jordan says: I bet Miso Soup would be really good at the North Pole.  He also called our breakfast Muff-funs.

Project Life Week 3 Right

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studio calico scrap pads, machine stitch, white vinyl thickers, white pen:

Project Life Clementine Cardstock cut down to 4×6. Blue Glitter Thickers, Studio Calico Scrap Pads, date stamp, white pen, Amy Tan Camera, PL remember sticker.

Also, in case you are wondering, bfdof is our family phrase: Big Fat Day Of Fun.  It is used like this: Are  you ready for a big fat day of fun?  or Oh, there is no whining on our big fat day of fun! OH! No arguing on a big fat day of fun! A big fat day of fun is any day where we are out all day on our adventures. this does not include shopping trips or that kind of thing. only stuff that could be considered fun by the majority of the family members. like the aquarium, zoo, museum, movies that kind of thing.  This week I really embraced the freedom of Project Life. I chose not to include some of my #p366 pics and chose more that had a story to go with. it makes me happy.

Thanks for Stopping By!
Love Love and Blog You Later,

Joscie, rhymes with Bossy :)

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3 thoughts on “Project Life: week 3

  1. Looking great! I cannot believe we are just about thru 1 month!! I am digitally doing P365+1 and have a tab on my blog, posting them there. Plans are to print out a monthly or quarterly book with Shutterfly!!!

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