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Salt Dough Ornaments

December 11th, 2011 · 2 Comments · craft, Family, Holidays

I saw a blog post on my friend Allison’s for the boys blog talking about making salt dough ornaments with her boys and I thought that looks like fun! It certainly looked easier than icing sugar or gingerbread cookies with the boys so we did it.  We mixed up a batch of salt dough, rolled it out and the boys chose cookie cutters to use.  Jordan chose a candy cane, an elephant (no surprise there) and mickey ears.

Jalen chose the large Mickey Mouse ears.  I cut ice cream cone shapes to paint as Santa.

we baked at 250 for two hours. and I couldn’t help but think, I wonder how much energy that’s using?

once they were cooled we brought out some acrylic paint and got busy.

Jordan painted all the elephants dark blue. again no big surprise there.

Jalen painted most of his mickey ears black.

I opted for aqua and also painted my santa.

We did not put these on our tree but instead tied them to gifts. :)

It was a messy and long project but I am glad we did it.
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Joscie, rhymes with bossy! :)

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