Kid Craft: Snow Globes

While browsing Facebook the other day I saw a link to my friend Allison’s blog,, where they had made some snow globes. I had seen the idea before but what really struck me was the addition of lego minifigs. SO SO CUTE. I gathered some jars and asked the boys to choose what kind of goodies they wanted to add to their snowglobes.

We hot glued the items to the jar lid and added water, glycerin, and glitter(s) to the jar.

Jordan chose first, his favorite Lego minifig, Alien *ailee* and droid, a Christmas Tree and some glitter. We (I) hot glued little Lego circle studs to the lid and then placed the minifigs on top. I also hot glued a bottle brush Christmas tree. The dye from the tree ended up coloring the water a little bit.

Jalen chose his Ninjago mini figs.

I chose a minion figure that we picked up in Universal Studios and another with Mario and Luigi.

Jordan’s Alie:

They are a happy little collection on our coffee table.
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