December Picture a Day p3

Here are more of our picture a day photos:

Day 8, two

Me: day 2 of advent calendar

Jalen: Kung Fu Panda 2

Jordan: 2 earth skylanders

Troy: Jalen’s 2 eyes

Day 9, Twelve

Me: safety inspection sticker

Jalen: day 12 on the advent calendar

Jordan:12 skylanders

Troy: 12 cups in a display case

Day 10, Snack

Me: I find it funny that we all took our pictures at different times but chose the same snack. our mickey mouse shaped rice krispy treats.



Day 11, Online

Me: my blog

Jalen: our router

Jordan: his 3DS can go online

Troy: Jordan online

Day 12, In Real Life

Me: my craft stuff that got moved out of my craft room for rehoming/ebay or whatever. and has sat here in my kitchen waiting for me. (ps, ready for an online craft sale?)

Jalen: real people driving and living.

Jordan: the day by day bible.

Day 13, Mail

Me: Calendars going out to mail at the Post Office

Jalen: Lego Catalog

Jordan: Christmas card from Lego VIP program

Day 14, Line(s)

Me: our first year putting up lights outside

Jalen: lines on the table

Jordan: lines of skittles (and other candies) on his gingerbread house.

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