Halloween on the Horizon

Hello friends! We have been going back and forth on our Halloween plans for this year. The past two years we have been gryffindors but have decided to make a change for this year. I’ve been pinning costumes for a while. We discussed Lego Mini Figs,

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superheroes…. but whatever the case, I always like to go with a theme. Jordan decided he wanted to be Captain America and Jalen, who insists he doesn’t want to trick or treat didn’t want to dress up, was thinking about thor because really, that hammer (however you pronounce the name) is pretty cool. I was all for it. I thought Troy could be Iron Man or Tony Stark (hello avengers) and I could be pepper or something like that…. but to my surprise Troy opted for Mr. Darcy. :) and I am going to be Elizabeth Bennett. Sadly this costume was a little out of our price range…

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We visited Party City near our home and circled that ridiculous parking lot twice before opting to drive to the farther party city store out at Waikele. We easily found a costume for Jordan:

he loves it and so do i.

We searched and picked up a helmet and hammer for Thor but unfortunately the only Thor costumes they had were mens’ size XL or Plus. sadly, tooo big for Jalen. I declared, we’ll just order it online! and when we got home I was further saddened to discover that THOR costumes were just not available in Jalen’s size. so we opted for Green Lantern. oh the disgrace, he’s not an avenger. :( but I’m sure it’ll still be awesome.

We went yesterday to the fabric store so I could pick up some patterns and fabric for Mr. Darcy. I picked the patterns that were closest to what I was looking for and I’m hoping for the best out of this very ambitious project. Today I’m prewashing the linen and cottons and tonight I’m sure I’ll be ironing 8 yards of each. ha. Wish me luck!

We also picked up some products for Halloween decor projects I’ll be sharing as I finish them.

What are your Halloween plans, do you celebrate? do you dress up? I can’t wait to hear.

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