Family Fun: Made in Hawaii Edition

Today is Hawaii’s Admission Day, the day we became the 50th State of the union. It is a state holiday, not that it really matters to us since Troy’s on leave and we’re homeschoolers with a flexible schedule.  We started the day by grabbing a quick lunch at one of our favorite places, Subway.

We hit the freeway to head on down to the Blaisdell Center for the Made in Hawaii Festival.  It was a classic holiday lots of traffic in the middle of the day kind of day. 89*, blue skies, white puffy clouds.

We just traded in the boys’ old DS and DSI for the new 3DS. The boys have been playing this game where you have to move the console around to play. it’s quite funny to watch.  After we finally made it through all the traffic, the LOT WAS FULL. not fun. We circled this large city block. twice. and no spots available. I finally told troy to head back up the way we came and we scored a parking spot at the First United Methodist Church. $5. and made our way down to the event.

We brought some stale bread to feed the fish. It’s always a winner.

Jordan is a master manipulator and got Troy to carry him. Jordan weighs 50lbs.

As we made our way through the aisles, there was a lot of food, jewelry, tshirts, hats and the like.  This was the first booth we came to where I loved the items at once. Hello, houndstooth? wood grain? polkadots? neutral +1 color? yes please.

treehouse designs facebook | Store Paia, Maui

it was a tough choice but I got a neutral woodgrain purse:

Jordan and Jalen liked these Angry Birds and thieving pig earrings and pendants. We did not buy. gorgeous, but too much for the budget.

Another favorite stop, The Hawaiian Force  Hilo, HI

Jordan got two shirts, Troy got one and I got one.

We also picked up a few Tshirts from Papaya Press dba idkwhat2wear | facebook Mililani, HI

Organic Honey and Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter from North Shore Goodies Waialua, HI

Melting Moments Cookies from Sweets Fanatic Honolulu, HI

Other exibitors I liked but didn’t buy:

kyote designs – modular jewelry

Sweet as Sugar– Cake pops and other custom baked treats

Nuinani– clothing, bags (save 10% on an online order code: NUI10)

There were others that I did not get a card from and can’t remember their names. It was so busy and no hassle Joscie was on a mission.

On our way back to the car, I could not resist snapping this shot of the Academy Art Center. I always say I love their yarn balls… although they look more like grapevines but whatever. they are cool.

After coming home and relaxing for a bit we headed down the street for an early dinner at one of our favorite Chinese Places Wah Kung.

That pretty much wraps up our family fun day. Thanks for coming along. Guess what? I picked up an extra bottle of organic honey to giveaway along with some tea. Are you interested? leave me a comment and I’ll pick a winner on Monday, international comments welcome too.

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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9 thoughts on “Family Fun: Made in Hawaii Edition

  1. I love festivals like that. I went to a Maker Faire in Kansas City this summer and it was so fun. I love your Need to Focus shirt! I really need that one. lol!! Thank for the giveaway chance. The honey sounds yummy!

  2. We were thinking of heading out to the Made in Hawaii Festival today. I love your focus shirt, too cute! btw, love honey but you don’t need to add me to your giveaway list, I can get some today.

  3. Seriously? Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter? I’m drooling. That sounds delicious! And I love the purse you got.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun!! I love the new purse and t-shirts….also interested in what your boys think of the 3D DS? My girls are begging for one but I’m not sure….thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I went to that bazaar last year and loved it! So many good things to choose from. Your Focus tshirt is Fabulous and your purse is beautiful. I don’t know how you chose just one lol.

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