Family Fun the Ice Age Edition

I have been excitedly waiting for the Ice Age displays to open at Pearlridge Shopping Center. We went down on Saturday to have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then took some time to wander around the mall. CPK is giving out thank you cards that have scratch off tickets inside giving prizes like %off your bill and more. We lucked out and got 50% off our bill, woo hoo! and can I just say, as a person who worked in the service industry, I always appreciate good service and will go out of my way to pay compliments (and tips) in return. Our server was polite and efficient, everything I hope for when we go out to eat. I love CPK.
We went into the mall and Jordan was very reluctant to see the displays. (read: he held his hands to his ears and was going in to anxiety mode, whining and begging to go home) We put earplugs in and started our journey by a little walk through the Hallmark store. The boys love looking at the stuffed animals there. He was warmed up to the mall and we approached the display in the downtown area.

Troy was snapping a picture of Jordan on the bench. :)

Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Pac Man…

We rode the sky tram to Uptown. (another favorite event for our family)

my cuties on the escalator

Jalen checking it out.

We checked out the train and display in the center of Uptown area.

it’s Manny, the wooly mammoth!

Jordan was nervous, but looked on from a distance. I knew there was no way he’d ride the train, so we continued our walk towards Borders.

It was a fun afternoon of walking through the mall, I recommend you check it out! :)

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Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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4 thoughts on “Family Fun the Ice Age Edition

  1. Joscie, wow 50% off coupon, mine was only 10%. I guess I just have to go again to use my next coupon. Your photos from Pearlridge comes out so nice. Bostyn can’t wait to go back and ride the train.

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