We are bike riders!

We employed the pedals off scoot and coast method to teach Jalen how to balance on his just about too small 20″ bike that he’s had for a while but never had a chance to learn how to ride properly.  I must say that we got the idea from a video on the schwinn website, and I am so glad we saw it.  Jalen mastered the scoot/coast balance thing in a few days and graduated to having the pedals put back on his bike.  After showing us that he can ride on his 20″ bike, we went to buy him a 24″ bike on Friday.  We went to the Navy Exchange and they did not have any 24″ bikes for boys in stock.  The sales person said they would be getting more in on Sunday, so we convinced Jalen to hold tight until Sunday.  After church and lunch, we went down to Hickam AFB exchange to see what they had to offer and picked out possible choices for Jalen’s new bike.  We then headed to the NEX to see what new bikes had arrived. and of course, there were none. Troy, however, found himself a bike and we loaded it up into the van, dropped it off and then back to Hickam to get a bike for Jalen.  He picked this sharp looking green and black bike….

We loaded it up, came home, made adjustments to seat heights and pumped up tires and then we all went out for our first family ride.  Jalen is still learning about stopping distance and judging the distance between himself and car mirrors and other things he’s riding next to.  I am so proud that he is having so much fun riding his bike and wants to ride everywhere.

Jordan and I rode down to the garden shop the other day, a 3.5 mile round trip.  It was a fun little ride, we picked up a plant and some slug killer and rode back. When we neared the driveway, Jordan wanted to continue on around the block one more time, so our total trip was 4.5 miles. I’m glad that he’s enjoying it as well.  I asked him if it was challenging or if it was easy and he says easy.  I’m ready to take our family on bike riding errands, and I’m excited to avoid the $4.15 a gallon gas at the Navy gas station.

We started a little garden (yes, again).  Our small fenced in backyard has proven difficult at best in the past but we’d like to try again.  I sewed up this little planter,

based on this little planter.

we bought 4″ pots of strawberries, peppermint, mint, cucumber, zucchini, parsley…. planted seeds for Cucumber, yellow squash, watermelon, broccoli, lettuce, peas, carrots, pumpkin, sunflowers, daisies, morning glory.  We also bought 6″ pots of hydrangea (3 pink) and a citrosa (mosquito plant).  So far we’ve killed a zillion slugs, gross, I know. and We are devising a plan to scare away the birds from our back yard.

I also wanted to share this story from the garden shop when we were making our first purchase:

Jordan: Mom, if you buy all this, we’ll be poor!

Me: Jordan, we’ll be fine, we have enough money to buy it and we’ll have lots of food!

Jordan: oh, okay.

later at home, after planting lots of veggies and fruits Jordan declares, We’ll be rich with vegetables!

***heart melts***

with all the pest problems we face in our challenging little area, I’m hoping we’ll grow something. I know Jordan will be quite disappointed if it does not grow. and I will be too.

We celebrated Palm Sunday with little palm crosses this week.

Next Sunday is Easter and Jalen will be an acolyte.  We’ll be celebrating after church at my Mom’s house with my brother and his family too.  I hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Love and Blog you later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy!



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2 thoughts on “We are bike riders!

  1. Oh, so glad to hear HOW you got the bike riding figured out…I will look for the Schwinn video, we need a little help. It makes sense to get comfortable by coasting, keeping your feet close to the ground before pedaling on the bike!
    I love the palm cross. I wish you a happy Easter. I’ll be taking lots of photos!!!

  2. We did those little plastic swimming pools the round ones last yr and thy workd..Make sure you puts holes in the bottom of the pool..we hd squash, tomatoes, and other things…so if this works which i hope it does try tht next yr…Good luck my friend

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