Family Fun: the Pumpkin Patch edition

We went to the pumpkin patch today and this year we visited one we hadn’t been to before.  We drove out to Waimanalo Farms to check out the pumpkiny goodness.

Google navigation got us there and the man at the gate said, “drive up this dirt road and park in the back…”  There was free admission and free parking and free dirt, dirt and more dirt.  What is it about boys and dragging their feet through the dirt?  I’ll never understand.  We paid $6 a person to enjoy the corn maze and mini golf, because really, what says pumpkin patch and halloween like mini golf, right?!  The boys loved it.

Jordan scared the you know what out of me on this shot:

that ball came flying right to me. okay so it was about 6″ to the left, but still. I was imagining all those america’s funniest home videos moments when the camera catches the ball and then static and lines.

Honestly, we bought our pumpkins at Sam’s Club about a week ago because they were looking pretty good and we didn’t want to get to the pumpkin patch and be left with small or moldy pumpkins.  So we didn’t even buy any pumpkins here.   The Corn Maze was a big hit, even though Jordan doesn’t look happy, they all enjoyed it.  I have to say I was telling the boys to stay close because seriously, one of my biggest fears is losing a kid and what place more likely to lose a kid than in  a corn maze?!

you can see the ocean on the horizon… :)

the $6 we paid also included the hay ride that neither boy wanted to do… so we just headed out. it looked like fun though.

I don’t want to get the guy in trouble, but he’s totally checking out his twitter feed while driving all those people. or was it facebook? anyway.

We brought our wagon and since we didn’t even buy any pumpkins, Jordan got a free ride back to the car. it was better than following his dirt cloud.

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4 thoughts on “Family Fun: the Pumpkin Patch edition

  1. Which farm is this? We went to Aloun Farms yesterday for their pumpkin patch. We went as soon as it opened so it wasn’t too crowded or hot.

  2. The last pic of Jordan in the wagon is my favorite!
    I also love the one of the boys with the hay and the ocean in the background.

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