Family Fun: Battleship Edition

On Tuesday around 10am I thought, maybe I’ll round the boys up for a quick swim then home again for lunch and just in time for Jordan’s nap.  Then I realized, hey braniac, the pool is closed on Tuesdays.  Okay, plan b. let’s pick up some lunch and either go eat it at the beach or down by “the path” and take some stale bread to feed the fish.  We picked up some subway and made our way to the path.  It is a paved path where people walk, run and bike next to the channel where the ships pull in and out of Pearl Harbor.  We parked near the very end and enjoyed our lunch.  I noticed that there were quite a few people out near the path sitting around so i guessed maybe the ships would be pulling out for the RIMPAC exercises.  We sat on the wall and tried to feed the fish.  These fish were not to hot on our bread crumbs so we just decided to sit out for a while and see if any ships came by.  The first one we saw was a submarine.  I am not sure which one, but it was cool.

We also saw a Coast Guard ship come by.  I also noticed that there was quite a bit of activity at the very end of the path where some people were setting up a little canopy and moving some equipment.  I thought maybe there was a function set up going on.  Then a man came by and asked me if I had heard what was going on?  I say, no sorry.  He says, We’re shooting for a new movie, it’s called Battleship and we’re going to be getting the carrier coming by.  So I’m thinking he’s going to ask us to move… and he says, do you want to be in the background?  oh, okay.

Here is the Ronald Reagan:

Can I just say that we were out there much longer than I expected to be out there and we all got sunburned. and my poor poor little fair skinned Jordan really got a burned face. I must have slathered 20 applications of aloe to his red face over the last few days.  He looks better thankfully. Hello, Mother of the Year.  I have declared that we will sun block every time we go outside for more than walking to the mailbox.  But anyway. this is Anthony, he was the PA that was talking to us.  He’s from Lanai, so I asked him if he knew a classmate of mine and he says, oh I know the family but they’re all much older than me. (I’m thinking, hey, we’re not that old, ha ha) anyway.  It was a fun adventure.

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of family fun :)

Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy.

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3 thoughts on “Family Fun: Battleship Edition

  1. OMG I know Anthony!!! He was my student when I taught there. Hilarious! Yes, we’re older than him. ;) I think maybe like 13 years older. :P What a neat serendipitous adventure! :)

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