Family Fun: Aquatic Edition

We went out and purchased a family membership to the Waikiki Aquarium.  The boys and I took the guided tour via the handheld tourguides :)  Jordan was able to punch in the numbers and listen all by himself, I was quite impressed!

the boys are both listening and watching the two hawaiian monk seals…

inside my favorites include the jellyfish

the huge tank with sharks and grouper. and i do mean huge.

I don’t remember why he made this face, but it makes me laugh… ;)

on the aquarium lawn.  This grass is so beautiful.  I had visions of laying out in the grass for a photoshoot but it was slightly drizzly and they had a sprinkler going, so I just snapped this one shot.

We are looking forward to visiting the aquarium again and again :)

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Family Fun!

Love Love and Blog you later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy.

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4 thoughts on “Family Fun: Aquatic Edition

  1. Joscie, you are such an awesome mom to take your boys and such educational adventures, aquarium, library, dinosaurs at Pearlridge, etc. Have you been to the aquarium in Maui? That one is way nice!!

  2. Love the face Jordan is making; makes me laugh. Love the shirts the boys have on too.

    I went to that aquarium once but I was with great-grandma so we never made it through the whole thing :(

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