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So. do you remember a few days ago i was telling you how i have two external hard drives? where I have the same information on both?  Yes. you remember, the 10 years of digital photos, digi scrap etc… so one of those drives is an HP Personal Media Drive.  It slides into a port on my desktop computer.  It’s a 500Gig hard drive that I’ve had for several years and made the switch from my last desktop to my current desktop almost painless.  It’s also the drive we carried with the laptop to Alabama so I’d have a place to store my photos and digi scrap if I got the urge.  Two nights ago, I decided to take it upstairs with me to work on some digi scrap from bed while the boys went to sleep.  I have a set up next to my bed, a power strip for all those items that need to be plugged in.  velcro ties for all those snaky cords.  everything trying to be neat.  I set up the ehd (nicknamed L:LITTLEGIRL) on my bedside table and worked on the laptop on my bed.  at some point before I really got started, I made a slight shift in position and that sweet LITTLEGIRL slid off the table while running, and GASP, fell to the carpet. and made the most awful grinding/scraping sound ever. the kind of sound that’s wiping, no gouging your ten years of pictures. your digi scrap supplies. your digi layouts. no. my digi layouts. :( I quickly unplugged it and said a little thankyou for the fact that I have M:THEBIGGIRL.  M:THEBIGGIRL is a 1 TB external hard drive I bought last year.  She has the most of the same information on her that the L:LITTLEGIRL had.  I have lost about 10 pictures from the other day.  and a few of the edited photos. but not many. and a few of the digi kits i got this month.  When I sit here and consider what could have been lost… I am very thankful.  Yesterday I immediately went to the store and bought another 1TB drive. It’s the same one as M:THEBIGGIRL.  so i considered, as i plugged her in, what should I call you?  N:THEOTHERWOMAN didn’t fit. and N:THEOTHERGIRL didn’t fit either. but more importantly, why oh why is my desktop computer not recognizing both of my drives? what? In all the craziness, it assigned the new drive to the letter M: as well. wha?! So only one was being recognized at a time! and how am I supposed to duplicate everything from M:THEBIGGIRL to the other yet to be named drive?  insert google help.  I asked google and it told me how to reassign drive letters. it was simple and painless. and in the process I had an epiphany about my new drives.  call me obsessive if you must, but let me introduce you:

I now have M:EDWARD, N:JACOB AND G:BELLA (who goes with the laptop on a short cable)

I spent most of the day yesterday copying files from M:EDWARD to N:JACOB.  and today I’ve spent most of the day reorganizing and redownloading a few of the kits i got this past month.  I am also looking to an online service, probably mozy.

Yesterday’s picture of the day, Jalen gets out of school early on Thursdays so he got to go with me to pick up Jordan. They had a little fun time on the swings :)

Wednesday: aprons in my kitchen=happiness :)

Tuesday: a hybrid door hanger thingy.

and I have to tell you. i just dropped my (*%&(&* camera. on my 50mm. i swear. i should just work on everything on the floor.

it will get better. it will get better.

Thanks for stopping by, love love and blog you again real soon!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy!

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13 thoughts on “welcome to the family

  1. Cute header!! OMGosh girl, you are too funny!! Love the names. I can’t believe you have terrabytes… gese, I feel behind. I’m still working with gigs here…. and I have some major catalogs on my computer… gotta keep up with the Cuthens!! I actually think I’m going to get the Apple Time Capsule… that way Matt can back up all his jobs, too. {{hugs}}

  2. That is a lot of photos! Great to hear that you have them backed up on external drives. I get a lot of calls from people that never back their photos up and lose them all when their drive fails.

    Mozy is an excellent online backup service and they will provide you with an excellent offsite backup. I install them regularly for clients and businesses and they have saved more than one client from total disaster.

  3. I love that you name your ehd(s)! I My dh gave me his old ratty one, but he didn’t know that I had already purchased a new one, so now I have two :) What should I name them? Sanford and Son?
    P.S. I read Troy’s comment. What a guy :P

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