Yes, there is a place called Slapout, AL. it’s not a town (as there is not a post office), there’s more like a T in the road where there are a few shops, two gas stations, a church… I caught a few shots of some horses with coats ;)

and the shop area:

ps. that building in the background is a bank. it was robbed on Monday, isn’t that crazy? They arrested the guy already!

Troy and I like this truck.  It’s been parked up here but no for sale sign or anything.

do you know what this is?

it’s cotton.  with hearty bokeh! :)

the holtville cotton gin

I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of Slapout… Tune in next time where you’ll see me meeting a fellow mint chick IRL. ;)

Love Love and Blog you again real soon!
Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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5 thoughts on “Slapout

  1. I love these pictures. I am from Slapout and I haven’t been there in 5 years. It brought a big smile to my face.

    Thanks, You made my day

  2. I have lived in Holtville (aka Slapout) for nearly 5 years now and I absolutely love it here ! You should come back and visit. We’re still growing and its still a very good place to raise your kids. Schools are wonderful here.

  3. My father grew up in Slapout – Merrill Woodfin. I wonder if this is the same cotton gin that my grandfather built. I remember how proud they were. I have so many memories of cotton fields, pecan trees, fig jam, shelling butterbeans (butter beans?) until nails were sore, and black eyed peas (before Fergie). It is a wonderful little piece of earth. But I also remember the scorching, not an ounce of a breath of a breeze long days of late summer. (and ant hills)

  4. We lived in Slapout in the late 60’s when I was 6 or 7 yrs. old in the I think it wacalled ”Dixieland Trailer Park” used to buy RC cola’s at the little store there for .10. We were freinds with the people who lived in the house, Yankee and Jeannie Royal and son’s Kenny and Ricky. I still remember the cottin gin, and Mr. & Mrs. Hood who lived near by. I still tell people about livin’ in the place where most of the stars fell.

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