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While browsing my Google Reader I came across a post for making custom crayon blocks by melting down crayon pieces in the oven.  I remember seeing it in heart shapes last valentines (maybe elle’s?) and then again I last week I saw it on my girlfriend Erica’s blog and I knew it was finally time to try it out!  I had this brownie bite pan that I bought a while back that I didn’t really have great results with… so I knew I’d just use it for our crayons.

I sat with the crayons thinking it’d be easy to peel off the paper.  after all, the little does it all the time (to my dismay).  But do you know what? That paper was a hassle.  Troy suggested soaking the crayons and I just decided to use my xacto knife to put a slice down the paper.  It worked like a charm!

IMG_7436 copy

I knew I wanted marbled crayons in similar color families, so I went through layering bits of crayons… and then I realized that I was supposed to spray the pan first, D’Oh!  I was really wishing we had more white crayons. like if they sold a pack of white, I totally would have bought them!

IMG_7437 copy

I baked them and then cooled them in our freezer.

IMG_7439 copy

We made another batch!

We packed them two to a package and made treat toppers with Kraft Paper, Sizzix die, Stampin’ Up! Stamp and Punch.

IMG_7480 copy

Today we delivered them to Jordan’s classmates :) Happy!

IMG_7479 copy

We also got all our cards printed, stuffed, addressed, stamped and off in the mail.  I am so relieved to have that done!

Thanks for stopping by, come back later for pictures from Jalen’s Christmas Concert and some exciting scrappy news!

Love Love and Blog you real soon!

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  1. Just finished up ours! I love them…going to make another batch later today. :) Thanks for the inspiration! (I posted a few photos on FB.)

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