family of four once again

Sunday was a very busy day, we took a little trip down to China town to buy lei for Troy’s homecoming and a little snack too.  Our favorite Lei Store was called sweethearts back in the day and then re-emerged as Po’ohala a few years ago, same family, new name.  I always go there to buy lei for our friends who are visiting or those like Troy, who are coming home.  The boys were able to choose their own lei to give to dad, Jalen chose a tuberose and orchid lei, Jordan chose a lantern ilima and tuberose lei, and I chose a hala lei for Troy.  the boys choosing lei

While we were down in China town, we took a walk around the block for our very favorite Chinese treat, manapua (aka char siu bao).  My very favorite place to go is Char Hung Sut.  It’s the kind of place where you walk in and order from one person, another person runs and fills your order and the girl at the register scribbles the math on a stack of scratch paper. it’s just so good.



I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I procrastinated a little bit on making the welcome home banner.  I toyed with the idea of ordering a sign, Noel even sent me a link, but of course I waited too long.  I also entertained the idea of cutting vinyl and making a banner, if I could just stop off at a sign making shop and get a banner to apply my vinyl to… but in the end I decided to cut and sew a banner, on Sunday.


Jalen commented that our coconut tree did not have any coconuts and did we have to wait 3 days? (that’s a facebook my farm joke, btw)

We expected the ship to be pulling in around 830am-ish so we arrived around 8.  We had to park a good distance and I wanted to be sure we had enough time.  I let Jordan ride the umbrella stroller so i could load our goods on the handles.  There was a cool tent and seats set up for us to lounge while we waited for the ship.


I loved the reflection in Jalen’s glasses, you can see me right in the middle.


We watched as the ship pulled up.  Troy was not manning the rails, he said he had something to do inside the ship, I didn’t even ask what it was.  When the ships pull in from a deployment to Pearl Harbor, they tie a lei to the front of the ship.  It’s made out of plastic (i think it’s trashbags).


the boys held their umbrella signs, even though dad wasn’t on the outside of the ship… IMG_6338


Then we waited and waited, and Troy showed up, checked out on leave in his Tshirt and shorts with all his goodies.  Jordan got to give the first lei:


Jalen the second (and me last)


The boys went back to school on Tuesday and Troy fell in with our daily routine.  I got my new id card that I have been waiting for. I was so excited to see that the camera was mounted up high on the counter, at a flatteringly higher angle than the chair.  It’s the little things that help a girl out, ya know?!  Of course i can’t show you the id card, but it does look like me, so I’m happy.  Today’s errands included a trip to the pumpkin patch…


ha ha, just kidding. you know on the Wednesday before Halloween, the pumpkin patch is closed. and evidently the Navy Commissary is also sold out of pumpkins.  So we took a trip to Sam’s Club and picked out 4 non rotten pumpkins. ha ha.


and  have I told you, I love this man?


pumping my gas. **swoon** what a man.  and do you know what I did on Monday night? I was able to run out and pick up steaks for dinner,! and I was able to come home and cook dinner while he bathed the little. **sigh** it is so good to be a family of four again.  We are enjoying and being thankful for all our many blessings.  I want to thank all of you who prayed for us and him while he was gone, I really really appreciate it!  Tomorrow’s excitement? I’m getting a long over due eye exam. and I’m not only buying new glasses, but I’m also getting sunglasses. prescription sunglasses. eeeeeeee! You lucky ladies who wear contacts or have been blessed with good eyesight have no idea.  For people like me, sunglasses require so much effort. I am such a lucky girl.  I’ll check in with my new eyewear when they come in, I can’t wait! SUNGLASSES! yay!

Thanks for stopping by, Love Love and Blog you later!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy!

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17 thoughts on “family of four once again

  1. Yea for being a family of four again! I have no idea how you military families do this. You guys amaze me! And I have prescription sunglasses. I got my first pair two years ago. Love them! And you will too! :-)

  2. Yeay! Happy for you guys that dh is home!

    Gotta ask you a question…there’s a pumpkin patch on the island? I’m in shocked! LOL!

    Anyhow, glad that the hubby’s home!


    1. I’m so glad to hear your husband is home safe and sound!! Noah and Elijah are glad that your boys have their dad back! You all have made such a sacrifice!
      Best wishes to you all!

    2. there is a pumpkin patch, it’s out in ewa, it’s called aloun farms. It’s dusty and hot, but it’s all we’ve got. they usually have a hay ride, sometimes they have inflatables and then also other veggies that they grow out there. good stuff.

  3. so glad Troy is home safe and sound. Isn’t it awesome that we don’t have to live next door to pray for a family!! Enjoy your family of four!!

    anxious to see how having script sunglasses go, I need to do that, but I’m afraid I would forget them most of the time.

  4. Great pictures. I love the lei on the from of the ship. Troy and the boys look great. Your reflection is good too! What is the name of the ship?

  5. So happy for you that Troy is home safe and sound. Can’t wait to see the new glasses. I have had prescription sunglasses before and I really prefer the clip on kind that go over my regular glasses. They are made to go together and some of them have little magnets that hold them on. Much easier to use for me.

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