Halloween preview

Two years ago, the boys were heavy into Star Wars.  They really wanted to be Jedi Knights, so I got online and ordered their costumes early.  The boys loved the costumes so much that they wore them for Halloween in 2007 and 2008, talk about getting our money’s worth!  This year, however, we are going with Harry Potter.  Jalen is going to be Harry, Jordan is going to be Ron, I will be Hermione and Troy will be another Gryffindor. :)  I picked up two kids robes at the NEX last week and went searching online for all the necessary accessories.  we went with Buycostumes.com and found 2 adult robes, 4 gryffindor ties, plastic wands, harry glasses, 2 firebolts and a hedwig.  ordered on Saturday, arrived on Wednesday.  We had fun trying the items on as soon as Jalen finished his homework on Wednesday.  I snapped a bunch before realizing we forgot to put on the glasses, doh!  We’ll have to do another test run photoshoot.  I downloaded the pictures and as I scanned through, this one caught in my heart. My first born, looking like such a big boy!


and my little cutie, also looking grown up:


and one last look at these two cute wizards in training…


Thanks for stopping by!  I am hoping to get back into the swing of more regular blogging. my life has been so crazy, this was one of the first days I’ve picked up my camera in too long!

Love Love and Blog you Later!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy.

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